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Educational Resources

Educational Resources and Tools

Want to teach your class about corn? Need a fun science project? Want to learn more about agriculture? This is your one-stop shop for corn educational materials, online educational games and more!

If you need educational items for an upcoming event in Texas, please email your request, along with your name, number and mailing address to the Texas Corn Producers.

Texas Corn Producers’ Activity Book: “The Adventures of Cobby Corn”
This fun publication is perfect for young students. It’s packed with a number of educational activities, CORN-y experiments and coloring pages.

Growing Corn Experiment
This great activity lets students watch corn grow!

Corn Development Worksheet
Teach your students about how corn is grown, the parts of a corn plant, and more! Click here for the Teacher Key

Corn is a-MAIZE-ing!
This fun activity book is an educational hit with students!
(from Kentucky Corn Growers)

Corny Recipes
These recipes are just right for the classroom. They are good to use for math measuring units, science investigations and art projects!
(from Illinois Corn Growers)

Origami Corn
Try this CORN-y, unique origami. Also available in black and white.
(from Maryland Grain Producers)

Tale of Two Corns
A basic guide outlining the difference between field and sweet corn.

A Tale of Two Corns Video: Physical Differences
This video from the Illinois Corn Growers explains the physical differences between field and sweet corn

A Tale of Two Corns Video: Different Uses
This video from the Illinois Corn Growers outlines the different uses of field and sweet corn.

There’s Corn in My Crayons!
A fun coloring book from the Nebraska Corn Board, featuring Captain Cornelius & Kid Kernel introducing a lot of interesting corn facts.

Seed for Feed Activity
Help students gain an understanding of the lifecycle of a plant.
(from Indiana Corn Growers)

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