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Corn Uses

Corn is used for over 4,200 purposes and new uses are being invented all the time.

Corn fuels the growth of nations around the world as a food ingredient, a feedstock, a fuel, a fiber, an ingredient in building materials and pharmaceuticals, and much more.

Besides the 25 pounds most American families eat every year, corn is used to make things as diverse as fuel and bio-plastics. You’ll find corn in products you never imagined. See what can be done with just one bushel of corn!

96 percent of the corn grown in Texas is eaten by livestock, like cows

Animals love corn.

In Texas, 96 percent of the corn grown is eaten by livestock, like cattle. Fortunately, we grow more than 13.9 billion bushels of corn in the United States so there’s plenty of corn for people. Nationally, livestock and poultry consume approximately 40 percent of the country’s corn crop – in addition to a significant amount of corn co-products such as distillers grains. Corn-fed animals gain weight quickly from corn’s high-starch, high-energy content. Corn also improves the yield from dairy cows and reduces the amount of land needed to support their feed requirements.

You eat way more corn than you think.

When was the last time you ate corn? Think carefully, corn is used as much more than just a tasty, vegetable side dish! According to the Corn Refiners Association, nearly 4,000 food items in your grocery store contain corn ingredients – and that doesn’t include the products that come from corn-fed animals or the sweet, whole-kernel corn that’s available on the cob, in cans or frozen. While sweet corn only accounts for approximately 1 percent of corn production in the United States, 10 percent of field corn is processed for food ingredients. (Learn more about the types of corn) This processed corn is used in a variety of foods from peanut butter and jelly to cake and ice cream! It’s safe to say that every time you sit down for a meal, corn is on the table.

Corn is used for E85

Corn fuels people and machines.

Domestic ethanol producers are turning corn into environmentally friendly, renewable fuel that people use in cars and other engines. This clean-burning, high-octane fuel contributes to the country’s energy independence. (Learn more about ethanol)

Corn is in the products you use every day.

When you use a crayon, you’re drawing with corn. Corn may also be in your clothes, bedding, even your carpet. Because of advances in technology, you can find corn in all types of things. Learn more about the unexpected products you can find corn in by visiting the Corn Refiners Association website.

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